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Amber Riley Things like this! This young woman! Giving me such hope for the world my niece will learn and grow in let’s make young ppl like THIS our Hollywood royalty. That just made my heart burst. Not even so much that I agree or disagree but the fact that she has an OPINION and isn’t afraid to share it. Or that she even opens up her mind to see issues from another’s eyes or perspective. We don’t all have to agree but we all could take a lesson in listening and in empathy. Let’s learn to listen to the narrative in a lot of the issues going on in the world before letting our own experiences completely cut us off from seeing things through another’s eyes! Woohoo! So pumped

Eli Craft If you think for one second that this is the writing or ideas of a 13 year old actress your a fool. This was composed by someone who is responsible for replying to these political hand grenades. I’m sure a 13 year old is wise enough to understand Intersectional feminism. Do yourself a favor young lady, enjoy your youth. Talk about kids stuff. Leave politics for someone else. Those that are celebrating your answer will be the first to roast you when you slip up.

Amber Riley Oh no no. We don’t do name calling here. I’m no one’s fool. This wasn’t even an interview. It was on social media. No one HAD to reply or explain anything. She wanted to. Even if she didn’t reply to this which by the way this may seem crazy to you, it is very possible that a 13 yr old girl can compose such thoughts and feelings especially in this day and age when information is so readily available and in your face, the very fact that she is using her platform to bring light to it whether it was her words or not is STILL amazing! How dare you tell a kid to hide their light and intelligence or tell them because they are young their opinions don’t count? That’s part of the reason my generation doesn’t know how to articulate their feelings of frustrating with words NOW because we were told to be quiet and deal in young ppl’s matters. This world is just as much hers as it is yours Mr Craft. And when you’re dead and gone she will be left to live in a world that she can either help form and change or can just go and do kid’s stuff and let her feelings be muted and never add to the conversation. And what the fck is kid’s stuff now and days anyway, what does that even mean. Leaving problems to be solved by someone else is the WORST and dumbest advice you could ever give someone who has a heart for change. Who wants to do more than just take bathroom selfies in crop tops and get butt injections! I am inspired by young ppl like this and will always give my little kudos when they step out of the Hollywood norm and speak about things that plague this world. Now. Good day to you sir. No matter your reply I won’t get into a back and forth with you today or any day. God bless! 

admin   Aug 25, 2015